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​           My life began with books, whether it was my Dad reading to me at bedtime, or as I got older a pile of Golden Books, which I quickly mastered and 'read.' Wherever I was as a child, you would also find books. This remains true today. 

        With a professional career in technical journalism, merging into editing, researching and soon authoring technical books the ground work was laid to continue that inborn love of the written word. Then there came the day when a writer approached me with her manuscript on Animal Communications. Talk about something completely different! 
I easily found my continuing Joy and Happiness - farewell to high tech. 

        Since then I have worked on thesis reviews for college students, children's books, memoirs, novels, poetry, textbooks and cookbooks. Every genre and manuscript is as unique as the author creating it. I have worked not only with first time authors, but also those with many titles to their good name. Every one is an equally exciting endeavor. 

        Today, through technology, I can easily work with authors from around the world. Editing a manuscript becomes a new exploration of an intimate relationship that develops between author and editor. I find nothing more thrilling than holding each hot-off-the-press title for the first time – with awe! Visit the Sample Titles page for a few of the books my  authors have published.

Are YOU ready to put YOUR toe
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"You bring the essence of my writing to light, while providing conciseness and pertinence for the reader. Your vision with written expression is like Michelangelo's with sculpting. Thank you for your vision and clarity" 
 ~ Renee Takacs
Intuitive for People and Pets