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In the 1970s my calling was the theatre including public relations and marketing, moving into producing and directing in several regional theatres in Pennsylvania and Maine. A wonderful time of youth, travel, hard work and growth. The 1980s  found me stepping into the technical world of the design and development of Interactive Multi-Media Videodisc-based Training Programs. With my art background (Philadelphia Museum College of Art) and writing skills (Charles Morris Price School of Public Relations and Advertising), I easily dove into the new technology. We were a merry band of Digital Pioneers! It was in that world, I heard the industry publishing division calling me to become Associate Editor for the leading videodisc and digital industry trade paper. My area of expertise quickly became multimedia-museum-exhibit-development and writing: Videodiscs in Museums: A Project and Resource Directory and becoming a trainer and consultant to US and International museums on utilizing interactive media in their exhibits.  

On to the 1990s and the beginning of a whole new world. Writing and editing software manuals in diverse arenas, educational media training materials and newsletters for holistic lifestyles. In the mid-90s I also took on editing and ghostwriting book length manuscripts. This is where I have found my true home and joy. 

Through the wonders of technology, I have had the opportunity to work with authors from around the world. Each manuscript becomes a new exploration of the intimate relationship that develops between author and editor. I find nothing more exciting than holding each hot-off-the-press title for the first time – with awe! Visit the Sample Titles page for some of the books my amazing authors have published.

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"You bring the essence of my writing to light, while providing conciseness and pertinence for the reader. Your vision with written expression is like Michelangelo's with sculpting. Thank you for your vision and clarity" 
 ~ Renee Takacs
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