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Rein Kansman
Business Training
Martha Jane Petersen
3rd Place IPPY  Awards  
Martha Jane
Denise Barratt, MS, RDN, Food, Cooking, Health
Minnie Kansman, Gardening w/Feng Shui Perspective 
M. A, Payton, Composition & Creative Writing

Sandra Lynn Price
Roberta Edits 
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Donna L. Thompson

Arsera & Salminen

Earl J. Gorman
   Beatriz M. Orive

Minnie Kansman
Lessons from the Nature Spirits
For all children who have faced the death of a significant person in their lives...

Hannah Desmond
1st Place: Royal Dragonfly Book Awards
Explore the cauldron of love, sex, drugs and rock n' roll from New Orleans to the Dark Bayou and back.