Editor, Writing Coach, Indie Publishing Guide
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As a respected Wordsmith, I provide first revisions 
through to last glance editing for your work

Writing Coach:  educating You in the art of writing, to capture the intent of Your words, and develop a clear understanding, and enjoyment of Your work for the reader.

Manuscript Editing: bringing SPARKLE and CLARITY to YOUR words.

Final Proof Editing:  confirming  that Your information  is clear, checking for problem areas, grammatical errors and fact checking as needed.

Ghostwriting:  working from Your notes, audio interviews and, if required, additional research.

When I work with an Author we become a team and the work is a collaboration. My job is to make the Author's voice shine so the Reader becomes so captivated they can't put the book down. My goal is to never lose an Author's voice in the editing process. 

Why do you need an Editor?
Good question: You have labored long and hard to bring your words to light, sharing your thoughts and wisdom with others. You've spent so much time during this process, and have become so close to your manuscript, you can no longer see your typos, statements that make no sense to readers, unintentional redundancies, or gremlins – as I call them. As Your Editor, I will gently correct and clarify your good work. Know that each and every successful Author has the driving force of a dependable Editor behind them. 

Let's become a team to make Your hard work and words the best they can be. 

"...for your Speedy and Superb editing! I could not have done, it without you!" 
~ Denise Barratt, MS, RDN
Farm Fresh Nutrition